Yasuko SUZUKI flutist
Yasuko SUZUKI flutist
Yasuko SUZUKI flutistYasuko SUZUKI flutist
Yasuko SUZUKI flutist


Yasuko SUZUKI flutist
Yasuko SUZUKI flutist


June 1979 :
Went to France. Studied under A.Marion, A.Adorjan and M.Larrieu at Nice Summer Academy. Entered Conservatoire Municipal du Xe de PARIS and studied under Mrs. I. Ribera in the flute department.
April 1980 :
Graduated from Academy and received the first prize award.
November 1981 :
Graduated from Consevatoire National de Regional de St.Maur de FRANCE, Flute Department, qualified as the highest performer in her class. Studied under Mrs.I.Ribera, Mr.R.Guiot and Mr.R.Heriche.
March 1982 :
Received First prize Award at both the Paris UFAM International concours, flute department, and Paris Leopold Bellan concours. Joined A.Nicolet master class at Avignon Summer International Academy.
January 1983 :
Held her Japanese debut recital at Aoyama Tower Hall.
September 1984 :
Debuted at Saint Merry Church in Paris, and was well received.
October 1984 and 85 :
Performed at the first and second recitals sponsored by Paris's 4th district's Cite Internationale des Arts de Paris.
April 1985 :
Performed with Vicens PRATS-PARIS at the Bach's 300th Birthday Anniversary Concert in Montparnasse, Paris.
May 1986 :
Held a recital at Marais-district, Paris, by request of the French Ministry (recommended by French Culture Minister, Jack Lang). Performed at the Music Festival on Corfu Island, Greece as a guest musician.
1986-88 :
Was responsible for the training of the Suzuki Method Flute Department, at the Paris 16th district Conservatoire de Rachmaninoff de Paris.
May 1989 :
Performed with her teacher, the late R.Heriche, at the Spring Festival in l'Isle-Adam City, France.
December 1990 :
Held her fourth recital in Japan at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall.
March 1991 :
Performed at the "Flute and Cembalo" recital sponsored by the Japanese Embassy in Paris.
December 1991 :
Performed with the New City Philharmonic Orchestra. Held her fifth recital in Japan in Tokyo and also in Mito.
September 1992 :
Performed at the "Flute and Harp" recital sponsored by the Japanese Embassy in Paris. She held her sixth recital in Japan at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Small Hall.
1993 :
Returned to Japan; based in Japan at that time she was involved in various activities, such as recitals, chamber music concerts and broadcast programs, and in European countries as well.
May 1994 :
Performed for the Nakano Ward Culture and Sports Promotional Foundation, and at the Seventh "May Breeze Flute Recital" sponsored by Ogose City.
July 15th 1994 and 95 :
She endeavored into the new field of classics and jazz, instrumentally at an event titled "Bastille Day/an Evening of Chanson" and it became an annual event.
February 1995 :
At the "Chanson a la Flute", sponsored by the Japanese Embassy in France, she expressed instrumentally chanson's and Japanese popular composers' dispositions beautifully with enchanting melodies, and touched people's hearts with her beautiful tone and feeling for the music. Then, she received requests to perform again at the end of April 1996.
October 1995/May 1997 :
Performed "Duo Recital-Reunion" with Vicens PRATS-PARIS(currently the lead flutiest/performer at Paris National Philharmonic Orchestra).
December 1995 :
Appeared in "Have a Wonderful Christmas 1995" sponsored by the Katsushika Ward Promotional Foundation.
October :
After received favorable reviews, she performed at the second dinner concert and at a series of classics, nursery songs, folk songs and popular songs program.
August 1997 :
Appeared as a guest at Toho Hibiya Chanter, at a first trial performance of Latin Music (bossa nova and tangos) titled "Light and Wind and Sea". (Appearing again at the performance, titled: "Love and Passion" in August 1998.)
1998 :
15th Birthday Anniversary Recital at Tokyo(at Tuda Hall)
1998 :
She has released First CD at PARIS Flute Recital��French Music Album -Light and Wind and colour-��with Jean-Yves AIZIC (PIANO)
2003 :
20th Birthday Anniversary Recital special dinner show at Tokyo(at Nakano Sunplaza hall)
2004 :
She has released second CD at Tokyo titled: [AMETHYST -Love and Passion- Music of Latin] After 2 concerts at Tokyo(Ginza Yamaha and Nogata Wiz Hall)
December 2004 :
20th Birthday Anniversary Recital at Paris (Chapelle Saint-Bernard) [titled: Love and Passion -Opera Fantaisie-] with piano: Mr Jean-Yves AIZIC. Yasuko Suzuki has been active in the fields of solo and chamber music in Japan and Europe. She is a greatly acclaimed international solo flutist.

Yasuko SUZUKI flutist

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